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Communication and the Law, 2020 Edition

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Com­muni­­ca­­­tion and the Law is de­­signed for students planning ca­reers in mass com­­­­­­munica­tion. Avoid­ing legal­ese, it is written in clear language and terminology un­der­standable to both students and communication professionals alike.  All chapters are written by some of the field’s leading authorities, assuring un­matched ex­per­tise, and are updated an­nually to assure the most current explanation of the law. 

1 The  Law in Modern Society
2 The First Amendment in Theory and Practice
3 Conduct and Speech
4 Prior Restraint
5 Regulating Pornography
6 Defamation
7 Regulating Studentå Expression
8 Regulating Advertising
9 Regulating Public Relations
10 Broadcast Regulation
11 Regulating Cable Communication
12 New Communication Technologies
13 Intellectual Property
14 Privacy
15 Confidential Sources and Information
16 Access to Courts
17 Access to Documents and Meetings
18 Newsgathering