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Letters to an Atheist Friend

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In a modern culture that is growing increasingly secularized, this book presents a strong case for the existence of God based on a variety of evidence. 

Although many books have presented the various types of evidence, no other one is so comprehensive. Most books deal with only one type of evidence — such as, for example, physics or biology. Letters to an Atheist Friend instead includes a variety of areas, ranging from modern science to re­­ligious experience to classical philosophy.

That variety makes it an attractive resource for laymen who want to be familiar with the basic arguments without having to invest a large amount of time reading scores of specialized books.

Written in a clear, concise style, Letters to an Atheist Friend is an invaluable tool for Christians who confront the challenges of a skeptical culture or who wish to be prepared to share the many reasons one can have for believing in God.

166 pages  ISBN 978-1-885219-51-0



The Origin of the Universe

The Anthropic Principle

The Origin of Life

The Origin of the Mind

No Convincing Scientific Evidence against God

The Ontological Argument

The Cosmological Argument

The First Mover Argument

The Argument from Contingent Beings

The Argument from Gradation of Perfection

The Argument from Intelligence Behind Nature

The Argument from Design

The Teleological Argument

Problems with Philosophical Arguments Against God

The Conversion Experience


The Animosity of Atheists

The Conclusion of the Matter