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Masterpieces of Reporting, Vol. 1 (Sloan & Wray)

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From thousands of articles contained in numerous archives of journalism awards and collections of newspaper writing, the editors have selected the absolute best. Masterpieces of Reporting is truly an anthology of the “cream of the cream.” Whether you pick it up to study the craft of reporting or simply to have “a good read,” you’ll have difficulty putting it down.

This volume contains seventy stories that span the range of events, emotions, and writing styles. Covering the panorama of American history from the pre-Civil War years to the 1990s, it includes such classic works as the adventurer Henry Stanley’s search for the missionary David Livingstone and sports writer Grantland Rice’s immortalization of Notre Dame’s “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.” But whether a classic or a less familiar piece, every article — from Pulitzer Prize winners to works by such famous reporters as Ernie Pyle and Richard Harding Davis — is an authentic gem, a model of reporting technique and fascinating storytelling.