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Media and Religion in American History (Sloan)

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One of the most common misconceptions about the history of mass communication is that the media and religion have always been natural enemies.

Contrary to that popular notion, religion has played a prominent role throughout the history of America’s mass media. It was integral to the founding and development of the media during the formative stages, and much of the essential character of the media has religious underpinnings.

The incisive accounts in The Media and Religion — written by some of today’s leading historians — help correct the picture.


1 Evangelism and the Genesis of Printing

2 Puritans and Freedom of Expression

3 Origins of the American Newspaper

4 Religion and Colonial Newspapers

5 Evangelical Origins of Mass Media

6 Origins of the Black Press

7 Religious Newspapers and Reform

8  Mass Media and Revivalism

9  Religion and Western Newspapers

10 The Christian Science Monitor

11 Jewish Contribution to Journalism

12 Evangelical Origins of Muckraking

13 Religious Roots of Sigma Delta Chi

14 The Great Monkey Trial

15 The Debate over Radio

16 Evangelical Publishing

17 Protestant Press Relations

18 News and Religious Ideology