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Media Issues: Point/Counterpoint (Greer & Sloan)

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Media Issues: Point/Counterpoint provides thought-provoking analyses of the most important issues facing the media today.

One of its distinguishing features is its balanced approach to analyzing today’s controversial topics. Each chapter presents the opposing arguments on each side of each issue in a fair, thoughtful manner. The approach is a much better way to learn about issues than is a one-sided view reflecting the author’s bias.


1 ‘Let Us Reason Together ’

2 Media Self-Criticism  

3 How Powerful Are the Media?

4 News Media and American Democracy  

5 Public Journalism  

6 Concentration of Media Ownership

7 Government Funding of Journalism  

8 Terrorism and the Media  

9 The Media in Wartime

10 Political Bias

11 Objectivity —  Ideal or Unreal?  

12 Political Correctness

13 Gender Stereotypes in Sports Media  

14 Giving Readers What They Want or Need?  

15 Tabloid Journalism  

16 Television News: Good or Bad?  

17 Conflict as a News Value

18 Coverage of Crime  

19 Media and Politicians’ Privacy

20 Anonymous Sources  

21 Checkbook Journalism  

22 Narrative in News Writing  

23 The Techno-Savvy Journalist  

24 Social Media and the News