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Research Methods in Communication, 3rd edition (Zhou & Sloan)

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Research in communication offers a wide array of methods. So­cial science methods remain important even as methods in the humanities and professional studies have gained in­creasing em­phasis. Yet most textbooks barely mention the latter methods.

Research Methods in Communication includes them all. We think you will find that it is clearly the best book for covering the wide range of methods — not only the quantitative but the qualitative ones also — that scholars in the field use.

To make certain Research Methods in Communica­tion provides the best instruction, each chapter is written by an expert on the chapter topic. So you can be confident that, as you begin to study methods, you will have the very best guides.

ISBN 978-1-885219-53-4 


Part I. Fundamentals of Research

1. The Nature and Purpose of Research

2. History of Research Methods

3. Research Ethics

4. The Library as a Research Source

5. Using Databases

6. Bibliographies and Literature Reviews

Part II. Social and Behavioral Sciences

7. Measurement

8. Sampling 

9. Content Analysis 

10. Survey

11. Experiment

12. Hypothesis Testing

13. Statistics

Part III. Humanities and Professional Studies

14. Legal Methods

15. Historical Methods

16. Field Observation and Case Studies

17. Oral History

18. Focus Groups and Intensive Interviews

19. Cultural and Critical Studies

Part IV. Using Methods in the Real World 

20. Print Research

21. TV, Radio, and Music Research

22. Public Relations Research

23. Advertising Research

24. New Media Research

25. Visual Communication Research