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Self-Publishing & Selling Your Book (Sloan & Childrey)

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Self-publishing is one of the biggest trends in the book business.

Self-Publishing & Selling Your Book, an easy-to-follow, step-by-step manual, will take you  through the  entire process from start to successful finish.

If you are wondering whether to self-publish, this book will help you decide.

Or if you are wanting to learn how to self-publish, this book will guide you through the process step-by-step.

Of course, once you’ve published your book, you will want to sell it.

To help you do that, this book will introduce you to the many marketing tools you can use to make your book a success.


1            Self-Publishing Today

2            What Is Self-publishing?

3            Should You Self-publish Your Book?

4            Working with a Self-publishing Company

5            How To Publish through a Company

6            Do-It-Yourself Self-Publishing

7            Designing Your Book

8            How To Format a Master Page for Your Book

9            How To Format Chapters

10          Designing the Cover of Your Book

11          Working with a Printer

12          How To Create an E-book

13          What is Your Definition of Success?

14          Start Your Marketing Now

15          Essential Marketing Tools

16          How Readers Will Find You

17          How To Attract Readers

18          Working with Amazon

19          Using Facebook

20          Using Social Media

21          Creating Your Own Website

22          Getting Paid: Credit Cards

23          Writing Conferences and Book Fairs

24          7 Other Marketing Ideas

25          Overwhelmed? Remember the Basics